Why Use EasyTMS?

Finally, a solutionfor shippers whodon't wantan expensive, complicatedTMS system.

EasyTMS gives you tools to automate the key parts of your logistics process, with functionality for truckload rate management and calculation, route optimization, carrier communication and invoice pre-audit in a simple web based solution. The result for your business will be less reliance on manual processes and a more efficient logistics operation.

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Affordable and easy to implementLogisticsSoftware forany size company.

What it does?

  • Ensures the best carrier is selected every time
  • Optimizes truckload routing
  • Provides truckload contract and rate management tools
  • Shipment cost calculation
  • Freight invoice pre-audit
  • Delivery Reporting
  • Automated carrier communication process for load tendering and shipment paperwork

The Benefits

  • No more reliance on phone calls and faxes to communicate with carriers
  • An end manual processes through automated load tendering andelectronic paperwork
  • Protected, organized location for all truckload contracts and rates
  • Easy access to freight costs for sales quotes and budgeting